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As India embarks on an era of fast paced growth in the logistics domain, the stakeholders are 
squaring up to the rapid advances taking place and keen for imbibing the global best practices to manage and streamline the supply chain, vis a vis development, manufacturing methods and information technology. The country’s pharma sector faces both risk and opportunity in roughly equal measure.

APPAREL CONNECT, Apparel Logistics Conference will examine how manufacturers, suppliers, logistics service providers and infrastructure operators can stay competitive in these times of change and successfully manage the risks and opportunities ahead

11th April 2019, Shangri – La’s Eros Hotel, New DelhiBalancing Well Connected Distribution Networks on Low operational costsa. Approximately 12-13 million retail stores exist across India, the large percentage of which around 9 million are kirana storesb.

High level of competition between the organized and unorganized FMCG players.c.Optimizing High volumes, Low contribution margins, Extensive distribution networks, High stock turnover. Companies launching different products for different geographical regions within the same country

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